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Understanding Lead Aprons

Dr Johhny Laban
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Weighing In On Personal Radiation Protection

The protective garment or “lead apron” is a critically important item for the protection of staff involved in work where fixed physical barriers are not...

Getting "Physical"

This second article in the “lead apron” series will focus on the underlying physics concepts that are relevant to protective garment performance...

Setting The Standards

In the previous Understanding lead aprons article, the concept of lead equivalence was introduced, and it was shown how the different materials that are...

Facts About Protection and Weight

The previous two Understanding Lead Aprons articles appearing in Spectrum have provided readers with background technical information to enable a good understanding of...

About This Series

In this series of articles, Dr. John Laban articulately explains the science behind radiation attenuating materials and the physics of how they are able to absorb x-ray energy produced in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging. He also provides some insight into the current state of global standards surrounding lead equivalence testing and offers his opinion on the topic supported by his wealth of knowledge and experience.