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Why RadSafe Aprons?

Manufactured to exceptionally high standards, RadSafe lightweight-lead and non-lead radiation protection vests, skirts & aprons are available in a number of ergonomic and gender-specific designs and in a full range of sizes to maximise flexibility and comfort. This means that RadSafe's personal Radiation protection vests, skirts & aprons may be safely and comfortably worn more frequently and for longer periods. As well as this, RadSafe is the only manufacturer in the world who routinely and frequently conducts independent testing on our materials through a well-respected and credentialled radiation physicist utilising up-to-date testing procedures defined by international standards.

RadSafe Protection Aprons

Back Relief Vest & Skirt Apron

The Back Relief Vest and Skirt is our most popular full protective apron. It unites the ergonomic benefits of the original Vest and Skirt Apron with the comfort and weight distribution properties of our Back Relief Apron.

Comfortwear Apron

The RadSafe Comfortwear Apron is one of the most popular choice and has been designed to spread the weight of the garment across the wearer’s back, therefore reducing shoulder fatigue, improving comfort.

Wrap Around Back Support Apron

The RadSafe Wrap Around Back Support Apron is a full, single-piece apron which fastens with buckles across the front panel. This apron also features a large elasticised back support belt to relocate the weight of the apron.

Vest & Skirt Apron

The RadSafe Vest & Skirt Apron is our standard two-piece full apron. It provides front and back protection and the two-piece design makes it simpler for the wearer to rotate their upper body independently from their legs.

Back Relief Apron

The RadSafe Back Relief Apron features an elasticised belt which significantly repositions the apron’s weight from the wearer’s shoulders to their lower back. The Back-Support Apron is our most ergonomic front-only apron.

Buckle Apron

The RadSafe Buckle Apron utlises a buckle fastener around the waist of the wearer. It is a front-only apron with waist straps that can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit depending on the wearer’s preference.

Tie Apron

The RadSafe Tie Apron is our simplest front-only apron design, featuring a waist strap that can be tied to suit the wearer. The apron’s two vital protective contact points are the shoulders and waist. The Tie Apron is a flexible fit.

Surgical Drop-Away Apron

The Surgical Drop-Away Apron is designed to be removed as quickly as possible after a surgical procedure. This apron also features shoulder straps which allows a second person to hold the apron as it is quickly removed.

Urology Apron

The RadSafe Urology Apron is a front apron designed to allow maximum comfort and protection while in a seated or standing position. The three-flap design makes it perfect during urological procedures.

Smock Apron

The RadSafe Smock Apron is a full apron which fastens along the two sides with hook-and-loop straps, making it easy to put on and remove. The apron’s vital protective contact point is the shoulders. The Smock Apron is a flexible fit and suitable for radiology, emergency department and more.

Maternity Apron

The RadSafe Maternity Apron is designed for pregnant wearers. It features a waist strap which can be tied at the front for maximum flexibility. This apron comes with a half apron which is worn underneath the front flap for additional protection.

Reverse Vest & Skirt Apron

The RadSafe Reverse Vest & Skirt Apron is a mobility focused front and rear protection apron. By removing the front overlap from the original Vest & Skirt Apron, the Reverse Vest & Skirt Apron alleviates the wearer of any vertical rigidity.

Vest & Skirt Comfortwear Apron

The RadSafe Vest & Skirt Comfortwear Apron shares the same qualities as the Comfortwear Apron, with the key difference being that it’s a two-piece apron. As a result, the skirt also offers rear protection as well as reduces shoulder fatigue.

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