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Why use RadSafe

RadSafe personal radiation protective apparel is setting new standards in innovative and reliable protection for healthcare professionals around the world. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards, RadSafe apparel and accessories are available in a number of ergonomic and gender-specific designs and in a full range of sizes to maximise flexibility and comfort. This means that, if required, RadSafe aprons may be safely and comfortably worn more frequently, or for longer periods. Of course, users are also able to choose from a number of protective material and lead equivalency options for reliable protection - first time, every time.

Other Apparel & Accessories

Thyroid Collars

RadSafe Thyroid Collars are available in three distinct styles to cater for a wide range of wearer's preferences. Available in any of our full selection of fabrics and trims, these thyroid collars will not only offer superior protection against radiation but look stylish

Smart Caps

Our Protection caps help to protect your head from scatter radiation. We stock two different kinds of Protection Caps; a stretch cap that uses elastic to fit your head, or a tie cap that you simply tie at the back to tighten.

Shin Guards

The shin guards offer long bone (leg) protection. They come standard with velcro straps for easy adjustment. Closure by Velcro straps. We also provide two styles, of which one has the option to cover the upper section of your feet.

Shoulder Arm Guard

RadSafe Shoulder Arm Guard is available in any of our full selection of fabrics. The Shoulder Arm Guard must be ordered with Apron.

Shoulder Arm Sleeve

RadSafe Shoulder Arm Sleeve is available in any of our full selection of fabrics. The Shoulder Arm Sleeve must be ordered with Apron.

RadFresh Apron Carry Bag

RadSafe Apron Carry Bag is available in any of our full selection of fabrics, these bags will assist in transporting your aprons from one point to the other.

Back Support Belt

The back relief belt is constructed of neoprene bonded elastic. It features high quality components so that it does not lose elasticity. The belt also features a non-slip adjustable buckle to ensure a secure fit. The back relief belt attaches separately from the apron.

Disposable Thyroid Covers

Rad Safes 100pk disposable thyroid covers are designed to cover your RadSafe thyroid collars and protect them and yourself from all manners of substance.

RadAid Position Aid Sandbags

Available in a range of sizes from 1 to 5 KG, these double-bagged sandbags have a loop handle at one end for easy use, cleanable surface for infection control, and available in both sand and glass beads.

Disposable Sponge Covers

RadSafe's 100pk disposable Positioning Aid Covers covers are designed to cover your foam Positioning Aids and protect them and yourself from all manners of substance.

RadSlide Positioning Aid

Make life easier with the most effective aid for positioning and removing cassettes and detectors from under a supine patient.

RadAid Traction Strap

An auto-traction device for radiography of the lower cervical spine. The RadSafe Traction Strap is a simple device with which a patient can use their own legs to exert downward pressure on their arms in order to lower their shoulders during spinal imaging.

RadFresh Apron Refresher

Radsafe's exclusive RadFresh® Apron Refresher is a purpose-made cleaning solution for personal radiation protection apparel of all types.

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RadSafe products are available in most regions of the world thanks to our global network of distributors and third party logistics providers.

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