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Why use RadSafe

Manufactured to exceptionally high standards, RadSafe lightweight-lead and non-lead radiation protection vests, skirts & aprons are available in a number of ergonomic and gender-specific designs and in a full range of sizes to maximise flexibility and comfort. This means that RadSafe's personal Radiation protection vests, skirts & aprons may be safely and comfortably worn more frequently and for longer periods. As well as this, RadSafe is the only manufacturer in the world who routinely and frequently conducts independent testing on our materials through a well-respected and credentialled radiation physicist utilising up-to-date testing procedures defined by international standards.

Management Tools


RadTrack® is a personal radiation protection apparel tracking, reporting and management system suitable for use by organisations of all sizes. The system is simple-to-use and easy-to-access.

Barcoded Rad-ID Tags

Barcoded RadID Tags are aluminium tags which can be retrofitted to existing aprons to uniquely identify them with a RadID. The tags features a convenient barcode which can be scanned for a more efficient fleet management workflow.

RT Retro Fit Tag Application Device

The RadSafe Retrofit Tag Application Device is to be used for applying RadIDs onto apparel. Using a clamping mechanism the retrofitting device is able to be attached to most table surfaces.

Colour Inspection Indicator (10pk)

RadTrack® colour inspection indicators provide immediate visual recognition of whether an apparel item has been tested for the current period and is therefore safe to use.

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The RadSafe product range includes a comprehensive selection of radiation protection aprons, shields, accessories, and more.

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RadSafe products are available in most regions of the world thanks to our global network of distributors and third party logistics providers.

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