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RadTrack® is a personal radiation protection apparel tracking, reporting and management system suitable for use by organisations of all sizes. The system is simple-to-use and easy-to-access. RadTrack® can save you, your department or your facility significant effort, time and money, and helps you manage the risk associated with the regular screening of personal radiation protection apparel. As healthcare industries have evolved and become more complicated, keeping track of personal radiation protective aprons and other apparel has become more and more difficult. Hospital departments have diversified and enlarged, with items often moving from one department, or even one facility, to another. RadTrack® provides you with a simple, stress-free way to label, track and report on your radiation protection apparel. It helps you manage the risk associated with apparel inspections - a process required and monitored by regulating bodies in most countries.

The RadTrack® system has the following features and benefits:
  • Simple and easy-to-use via any Internet accessible terminal.
  • Immediate integration into workflow.
  • User-defined access by individuals, departments or sites via secure user name and passwords.
  • Unique identification codes (RadIDs) for each apparel item.
  • Colour inspection indicators provided allowing users to quickly and easily identify items that have been tested and are compliant.
  • Complete life-cycle tracking from purchase to end-of-life and disposal.
  • High levels of functionality in reporting (templates or design your own report) and managing apparel.
  • Custom-defined and automated testing reminders.
  • Time-saving barcode scanner and labelling options.
  • Can be used for new and existing apparel.
  • Ideal for use with RadSafe aprons and thyroid collars!

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​​RadSafe is a brand created by imaging specialists Imaging Solutions, and has been manufacturing radiation protection since 2015, after acknowledging a gap in reliable, safe and affordable, radiation protection products in Australia as well as around the world. RadSafe offers world-leading radiation protection garments and accessories to the international market through a network of distribution partners and third party logistics.

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