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RadSlide Positioning Aid

Make life easier with the most effective aid for positioning and removing cassettes and detectors from under a supine patient.

The RadSlide™ Positioning Aid is a purpose-built cover for cassettes and detectors that allows radiographers to effortlessly slide the detector under the patient for chest and pelvic examinations.

With a sturdy contoured leading point, the slider has evolved over the years into the perfect device for quickly and easily performing countless chest and pelvic examinations, time and time again.

Handles on the trailing end are for the sole purpose of rotating and preventing skewing of the image making the examination more reliable than conventional methods.


    Infection Control:
  • RadSlide™ outer material is manufactured with a non-stick and PFA coated fabric that provides a barrier for infection control and is sanitised easily.
  • The inner materials are sealed to prevent fluids from entering areas which are difficult to sanitise.
  • Other fixtures and finishings also provide a barrier against infection and are sanitised easily.

    Durability and Usability:
  • Radslide ™ are constructed to sustain frequent intended use.
  • The outer material is reinforced with the inner material to provide strength and durability.
  • The handles used for positioning the RadSlide™ are made from webbing, similar to a car seatbelt and are also ideal for hanging storage when not being used.

RadSlide Style:
  • Max
  • Classic
RadSlide Size:
  • DR
  • CR

RadSlide Orientation:
  • Landscape
  • Portrait

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