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Back Relief Apron

The RadSafe Back Relief Apron features an elasticised belt which significantly repositions the apron’s weight from the wearer’s shoulders to their lower back. The Back-Support Apron is our most ergonomic front-only apron. The wide elastic belt spreads the weight across a wide surface on the wearer’s back minimising the pressure at a single point resulting with a more comfortable wear.

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*One line of embroidery free of charge, additional fee applies for extra.

  • Suited for short periods, especially minor surgeries
  • Radiology
  • Minor surgery
  • Vets

Size Tolerance
  • Front protection - One piece
  • 0.25, 0.35 and 0.50 Pb
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Application Time
  • On time – 25 seconds
  • Off time – 20 seconds
Weight Ergonomics
  • 2 points (Shoulders and waist)

About RadSafe Back Relief Apron

The apron’s two vital protective contact points are the shoulders and waist. The Back Relief Apron is a flexible fit. Please refer to our apron size measurements to choose your size preference for the required use.

At RadSafe we strive to make our protective aprons simple to apply and remove. Fitting and storage time are critical in the medical industry. The application time from removing the apron off the storage rack to placing it on the wearer for use is approximately 25 seconds. Additionally, the time from removing the apron off the wearer after use to storing the garment on the storage rack is approximately 20 seconds.

The Back Relief is best used during short periods of time. Most suitably worn for radiology and minor surgeries in addition to vets and more.

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​​RadSafe is a brand created by imaging specialists Imaging Solutions, and has been manufacturing radiation protection since 2015, after acknowledging a gap in reliable, safe and affordable, radiation protection products in Australia as well as around the world. RadSafe offers world-leading radiation protection garments and accessories to the international market through a network of distribution partners and third party logistics.


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